Thursday, August 19, 2010


The first illustration I made for AVE 'Proud Lorenza'
Lorenza at home (Dad says she's over 50 years old)

Birds are an important aspect of my work as they represent and symbolise many positive things in my life. I am a bird watcher and enjoy the way they dance with each other, the way they fly together, the way they sing amazing tunes and most importantly the way they nurture their babies and I take these as some of life's lessons.
My work for AVE is originally influenced by a particular bird called LORENZA. A green parrot who belongs to my grandma Toñita's, she has been around longer than most of us, standing beautifully on her stick, singing, laughing, whistling and talking. Her big eyes always watching as she chewed on her favourite piece of corn.

I dedicate AVE to Lorenza and her bird friends for entertaining me as a child and for teaching me some lessons as an adult.

'the best things a mother can give her children are roots and wings' anon

x AVE Maria

Sunday, August 15, 2010

handmade love

A knitted doily rug created by (Ladies and Gentlemen Etsy store available) so gorgeous to decorate the floor

Stretch with an embroidery frame. They almost look like spider webs carefully woven by delicate vintage looking spiders

Amazing shadows for a pretty corner with plenty of light

I have a facination for crochet doilies, to me they are the perfect combination of handmade love, sweet vintage, delicate patterns and amazing memories of my Abuelita Toñita (Spanish = Grandma) making them.

I have a little collection which include some special ones that have been handed down to me and others that I have found at random op shops. But I am not one to display them on top of my side tables so here are some funky ways to get the most out of these pretty little things and appreciate their detail and intricacy.

x AVE Maria

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wondering where the birds go...?

'where do the birds go when it rains?'

I know everyone talks about the weather when there is nothing else to say, but this is not that type of conversation, I promise!.

Today in Melbourne - it was cold, windy, raining, let's say it was perfect for a cup or two of hot chocolate and a movie under our knitted blanky, however we didn't do that as we went to visit a friend and her two little girls...on our way there Allegra noticed there were no birds out, so she asked me 'where are the birds mama?' was an unexpected question to which I replied 'they're sitting ontop of the clouds where there is no rain or wind', hoping that this was a good enough explanation for my nearly 3 year old, ...she said 'mama I wanna go there!'.....

I love how my little girl surprises me with wonderful words that make me wonder, think, imagine, smile and cry with pride.

x AVE Maria

I'm perched...

I have been away for some time, making a nest, watching my egg hatch and flying high, in other words I was organising my home for the arrival of my second baby and being extremely happy with my life...hence the reference to one of my favourite illustrators Madeleine Stamer's piece 'Perched girl with bird' ( ).

I missed blogging...I hadn't done it much but I liked documenting about my inspiration, my thoughts and the life behind AVE. Now, I'm back and am delighted to have you here!

thanks for sitting on this branch with's a nice view from here!

x AVE Maria