Saturday, January 28, 2012

plate it up!

Our Matisse is staying true to her 20 months she is a little artist! We've found her drawing on the walls, the couch, the floor and then on her plate....the strawberries were tipped over and her pink bowl was decorated with a purple texta. As a mamma, my first instict was to correct her behaviour but as an artist I totally got what she was doing.

I'm so lucky to have such sweet, creative and funny daughters who present me with this gift everyday, it's a pleasure to channel it via AVE.

Here are some pieces I created to test Matisses' decorating theory and I think I like, thanks baby girl!

Soon you'll be serving it up AVE style! and coming soon......YAY!!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who needs sugar in their coffee when she's around?

Its a sequence of facial expressions of my little chica at brekky time . This hungry little Taurus is funny, sweet, special, loving, happy, curly, delightful, inquisitive, growing, fearless....and everything cute.

Matisse at age 20 months



Monday, January 9, 2012

migrating times

Happy New Year peeps!

This year AVE is migrating....we're taking the journey to a new place, it's different and it's going to be amazing! Its not that we are looking for greener grass, it's just that AVE has grown so much in the last year and it needs to be recognized. RESPECT the little bird! It has been hard with two kids, the daily running of our home and a million other things to do but it's been worth it.

With the help of another sweet little bird (Petite Marguerite Design) we are getting closer to where AVE needs to be and that's a good feeling. Part of that is getting the website up and running!

In the mean time, I am committing to share with you my visual diary....everyday I will post a picture of something I've drawn to document a moment that's touched my heART in some way this will be an interesting exercise to in so many levels.

Today, I share with you a picture I drew last night whilst reflecting the extra huggy day my little chicas had....we love cuddles around here!

'dos hermanas' meaning 'two sisters' in love.