Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're threaded

I love showing Allegra (4) how to make the things that I used to make in my childhood like the friendship bracelets.

We sit and talk and plait and knot the threads together and wear them happily. She has made a list of all her friends and cousins whe wants to give friendship bracelets to....she's so sweet as she thinks about that person when she's choosing the colours and charm.

I love this time it reminds me of my childhood whilst Allegra creates hers.

AVE will be creating friendship bracelets with a twist....

x M

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Got the bug

I've been a little sick the past few days, nothing serious just a bug.
Not big into the meds but rather always works for me.....probably because I get to sit down on the couch, relax and just let the needle dance on the fabric and it makes me happy.

Love bird

These birdy embroidery illustrations are inspired by a collection of my favourite things that make me happy; Colour, pattern, birds, Genine Z (an amazing Chilean artist living in Mexico) and treasures...
I picked up these Australiana bird cards in an op shop...(regret not getting more) they are the perfect collection for a bird lover.

I wish these pretty little birds would start flapping their wings and fly all around my head (and like Cinderella's little birds, maybe help me clean the house a little)...!

mucho amor

x M

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Valentine!

Meet my sweet valentines!!! My beautiful husband and my gorgeous girls....I am so lucky to have them in my life. They are my loves, my home, my life is complete!. Unconditional and eternal love to the power of infinity! (and I'm not exagerating)

Love creates love!

Happy St Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 6, 2012


My hours are turning into days, the days are turning into weeks. time just doesn't I am learning how to STOP>BREATH > ABSORB.

Looking back at my week I wanted to share with you my fave moments....oh and by the way, I am also posting in Spanish to celebrate AVE's heritage, but if you're my Spanish teacher or my mami or papi reading this, I apologise for any mistakes!

Mis horas se combierten entre dias, dias entre semanas. El tiempo simplemente no para...entonces yo voy a PARAR>RESPIRAR>ABSORBER

Viendo mi a mi ultima semana queria compartir con ustedes mis momentos favoritos....oh y boy a escribir en Español para celebrar el patrimonio de AVE, pero si usted es mi profesora de Español o mi mami o papi leyendo esto, perdonenme por los errores!

Ice cream van....4 choc cones please!
Sorbete....4 conos de chocolate por favor!

Making wishes
Pidiendo deseos

Tienen un dollar?

Pistachio love
Amor de pistacho

much love
mucho amor

x M