Monday, August 17, 2009

if I were....

If I were a rock.....
this would be me!
and these would be my family and friends.
A. Allegra
B. Levi
C. Natty
D. March
E. Chilli
F. Papi
G. Carlos
H. Alex
J. Mami
K. Carm
L. Vicente
M. Lee Lee

x Ave Maria

Friday, August 14, 2009

Keep your hands gLOVED!

Mama/Papa and bambino 'hold my hand' mittens
Glovetashes because you gotta have humour in winter!
Gloves as pockets...toasty!!

I am the type of person that if my hands are cold so is the rest of my body, I can't sew, I can't think, I can't relax unless my hands are when I saw these images I smiled because someone else feels the same way!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show and Tell #1

Here is a sneak peak of my version of thread painting.
They are still in working progress & there's more images as part of the collection, but I thought I'd take a moment to reflect & rest my fingers.
x Ave Maria

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I hART you

Artist: Carlos - Organic drawings from his visual diary
Artist: Carlos - a sweet tribute to LOVE

Artist: Carlos - still one of my fave pieces from RED exhibition

Artist: Maurice - canvas wall tiles. This picture does not do her justice!

Artist: Maurice - This piece is so amazing I could die from recent 'Cereal Killers' exhibition

Artist: Tiffany - I fell in love with this piece 5 years ago...and I still love it, Hand made Sterling Silver rivited Butterfly Pendant with Leather insert and Matt finish! Artist:Tiffany - my new found love...hand made oxidized Sterling Silver owl Ring with 2 X 4 mm round Smokey Quartz stones

Artist: Tiffany - oh dear! hand made Silver oxidized Deer Pendant

As a born again artist I am rediscovering, reconnecting and rejoicing in my journey...I am lucky that I have some amazingly inspiring people around me to remind and encourage me to express my creativity, here are just a few:

My brother Carlos, a talented and successful Melbourne Graphic Designer with love for anything Mazinger. His drive and focus is blinding and his love for his little family is beautiful. His mind is constantly ticking with ideas, but he has an angel sitting on his shoulder balancing out his sometimes outrageous creations. His work is 'designer heaven', everything precisely thought of and accounted for.

My soulfriend Maurice (work can be found at and, a modest artist with music as a heart beat, who learnt how to spray paint even before he got his pen licence and with a constant appetite for everything pasta. Just like his laugh, you can pick his art work from a crowd of millions, it's colourful, spontaneous and heartfelt.

My motherhood sister Tiffany, a beautiful jeweller who's smile warms my heart, her care for her son is breathtaking and her strength is Joan of Arcish. In her sun filled Nicholas building studio she creates her pieces, which are simply defined as eclectic. With her signature oxidised technique, her spontaneous mix of materials, a pick of colourful gems and soft pearls her work gains a heart beat and my heart skips a beat.

In the true words of Danielle Laporte (author of 'my heart swells with gratitude.'
x Ave Maria

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Branch out

Wall Garden - air living plants, pinned & growing on cork board
Moss mat - maintained by the humidity & water captured while you dry
LivingStones - a clever idea to turn hard pebbles into comfy cushions
Branch out - this curvy tree branch turn shelf blends well into the straight wall

I love the idea of inviting the outdoor in, to co-habitate with the rest of the furniture, it is organic, beautiful, clever & free.
For more ideas like these go to some of my fav sites
x Ave Maria

Monday, August 3, 2009


For your Visual & Audio & video by a sweet Japanese band called SOUR. This is 'HANGETSU' (meaning half-moon, half-month, semi circle) from their first album Rainbow under the overpass...

I connect with it because I speak the same 'handmade' language (just with a different accent). Check out YouTube to watch more of their creative work.

Their message inspires me to think outside the square & to keep my creative rhythm going.

x Ave Maria

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Love is all you need...
celebrate it,
embrace it,
express it...
x Ave Maria