Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love is....creating from the heart.

As part of my creative soul searching I have asked myself, what was my first memory of illustration that I connected with....and I realised that back in the 80s my mami used to give me these little lollies wrapped in the 'Love is...' illustrations by Kim Casali....she illustrated simple boy and girl figures that spoke a thousand words, the images were from the heart, they captured emotion and made complete sense without making a big deal. The funny thing is that 30 years later this is what I look to achieve in my illustrations, to draw feelings and to represent what some cannot find words for. As I look through some of Casali's images I realise how similar our thinking is an one that made me realise 'wow, what ever we give our children moulds how they'll think and act in the future'. I thank my beautiful, thoughtful mami for sharing Kim Casali's work with me at such a young age (as innocent as she thought it was)...and for continuing to show me what love is....and thankyou Kim for spreading the word of what LOVE IS....

Kim Casali Cartoon illustrator

Maria @ AVE

AVE Maria