Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Little Folk e-zine

Recently I was approached by an amazing señorita who asked me if I wanted to share my story with her new mag called 'The Little Folk', as I researched it I read that 'it's a journal of lovely things for little people' and that's all I needed to know to fall in love and want to get involved.  

In this journey I have been very lucky to meet wonderful people such as 'E' and it makes me happy and proud to know that other mamas are working hard to look after their babies and to follow their new dreams and adventures....balancing family life and running your own business is challenging to say the least but doing both with love is the key and accept that somedays you're not going to get much done....

To read the first issue of 'The Little Folk' e-zine go to ttp:// the kettle on, take out your cutest cup fill it with your most calming tea and chill out because you will love every page.  We are on page 146....we hope you like the visual fiesta!

Keep the site on your favourites and keep reading this little piece of sunshine!!!

amor y paz


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